On-Demand Automotive IT Solutions and Services

On-Demand Automotive IT Solutions and Services

Code Calibre is a leading automotive web, mobile, and software solution provider. Our skilled and experienced developers interact with you and develop customised solutions for your automobile business. We offer custom automotive solutions that include CRM, Data warehousing, DMS, ERP, BI, and allied others. Our professionals treat you equally for your automotive IT solution needs whether you are a startup or an established business in the automobile industry.

Our Custom Automotive IT Solutions and Services

At Code Calibre, we are your true partner to assist you in fulfilling your varied automobile IT solution requirements. We design and develop sophisticated and user-friendly web, mobile, and software applications to ease your automobile business operations and maximise your profit earnings. All our IT solutions and services for the automobile industry are as per your exact requirements at reasonable costs.

Automotive Software

We hold sound expertise in offering custom automotive software solutions. Our skilled and experienced developers are always ready to build software solutions to meet your automotive business needs. We will be your true partners due to our extensive experience in IoT, mobility, connectivity, energy, and safety.

Autonomous Driving Solutions

At Code Calibre, our developers have sound knowledge and experience in self-driving technology. Due to this, we assist you with hassle-free integration projects, efficiency, improved safety, and cost savings. All this leads to a more efficient and safer transportation future. Our solutions include management of the vehicle’s steering, speed, and braking, GPS locations, and recognition features.

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Choosing Code Calibre for ADAS will be better for you when you value safety in your automotive vehicles. Our IT experts will assist you in the whole process – function engineering to complete automated validation and verification. We offer features like parking assistance, adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition, pedestrian detection, and lane-keeping assistance in our advanced driver-assistance systems.

Connected Cars

We have sound knowledge and experience in connected and intelligent driving solutions. Our connected car solutions have features like remote diagnostics, vehicle connectivity, alerts, important updates, notifications, intelligent diagnostics, investigation assistance, and driver behaviour monitoring. These features keep vehicle drivers informed and help you in your fleet management.

Car Diagnostics Software

Our automotive diagnostic software heavily relies on onboard computers. These solutions collect data from the vehicle’s internal sensor network for the effective management of several automotive systems and instantly alert drivers about arising issues. Our car diagnostic software solutions have features like problem detection, OBD connections, and facilitation of data collection, analysis, and exchange.

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