West London Electrical Contractor Services (WLEC) holds more than 30 years of experience in offering a full range of Electrical Services. Their Electrical Services includes Electrical Design, Installation, Maintenance, Inspection & Testing for domestic and commercial sectors.

They are a trusted name in West London and adjoining areas for their electrical services. To serve people who use the internet for their maximum needs, they brought their business on the internet with a respective website. In the early days of their online presence, they had almost no traffic to their business website. They wanted to increase their traffic and ranking on search engines. And we at Code Clibre helped them in this regard.

TARGETED COUNTRY : UK with a focus on West London

Our Objective:

Website audit and keyword research – First, we tried to get the whole SEO picture of their business website. We conducted an in-depth study of website structure, content, and use of keywords. Further, we did keyword research and prepared a list of service related keywords by keeping competitor analysis in mind.

Content creation, keyword optimization, publication, and distribution – Our content creators composed content pieces for web pages, article submissions, guest posts, PRs, blog posts, and allied off-page activities. And the marketing team, especially SEO experts, published those quality content pieces at different places that helped us increase the number of high-quality backlinks.

On-Page optimization – We did everything, from URL structures to meta titles and descriptions, to optimize the web pages of WLEC.


Total clicks from o to 1.3K

Increase in organic traffic from 0 to the very 1st page of Google for all targeted keywords.

Number of impressions in 19 months – 309K

Improved backlinks from 000 to 000.

Website Keyword Ranking List :

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