Retail and eCommerce Web/Mobile/Software Solutions

Retail and eCommerce Web/Mobile/Software Solutions

Code Calibre is a renowned and reliable provider of retail/eCommerce solutions. We design and develop web, mobile, and software solutions. Our solutions help retail and eCommerce businesses streamline their operations and offer a secure and hassle-free experience to customers. Our solutions facilitate you to stand with the ever-changing retail industry landscape and maximise your profit earnings.

Our Custom Retail and eCommerce Solutions

At Code Calibre, we offer an extensive array of web, mobile, and software solutions that meet your varied retail/eCommerce business needs. On your demand and request, we offer Order & Inventory Management, CRM, eCommerce websites, payment gateway integration, and allied other solutions and services to ease your eCommerce business operations and offer seamless experience to your customers.

CRM Development

Our custom CRM solutions help you manage your relationships with customers and enhance their engagement with your retail store or eCommerce website. These solutions include the development of personalised customer relationship management solutions, data analytics, and third-party application integrations to your systems.

Order and Inventory Management

We know well the importance of order and inventory management for you in your retail/eCommerce business. You need to be efficient in your inventory and order management and optimise your process. Our Order and Inventory Management solutions will help you as they have features like automated order fulfilment and inventory tracking in real-time.

Omnichannel Solutions

We are a reputed eCommerce web development company due to our custom Omnichannel Solutions. Our solutions and services enable you to contact your probable customers on various channels, such as web, mobile, in-store, and social media. You will feel the difference and experience an improvement in your business operation and customer engagement.

Payment Gateway Integration

At Code Calibre, we are your true friend for your retail or eCommerce business. We assist you to integrate payment gateway to your eCommerce site. Our payment gateway interaction services work smoothly with several different payment gateways and allow you to have secure monetary transactions.

Analytics and Reporting

Are you in need of analytical data and reports to make wise business decisions? Rely on us. At Code Calibre, we facilitate you with sophisticated data analytical tools and techniques. Our solutions and support will optimise your retail/eCommerce business operations and maximise your profitability.
Apart from the above, we offer custom web design & development, CMS (content management system) integration, shopping cart integration, and retail/eCommerce security solutions. All our retail and ecommerce solutions and services are for the smooth operation and maximum profit in your business.

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Starting a retail/eCommerce business is in your mind. And you want to get your query resolved and have the requisite solutions for your retail/eCommerce business. We are happy to listen to and serve you. Call/email us or visit our office premise.