Night Channels

Night Channels

Night Channels is a reliable ecommerce platform for buying clothing with unknown & strange designs, industrial music, cult film, existential thoughts, and alternative apparel. Their clothing and apparel feature occult art. All of their shirts, t-shirts, tees, allied clothes are made of 100% cotton with high-quality prints.

In their initial days, they had no significant website traffic and visibility on search engine result pages (SERPs). We helped them be visible and brought them with their targeted keywords on the very first page of Google.

TARGETED COUNTRY : Canada and other parts of the world

Our Objective:

Domain authority – Night Channels was not in Google’s eyes. They had no internal as well as external links to show off their thought and credibility. Our team focused on creating huge backlinks to quality websites that helped this website move ahead in domain authority.

Technical SEO –Initially, their website took time to load and had a few snags. We adjusted some website elements to enhance website speed and mobile friendliness.

Content creation and optimization – We optimized the existing content and created enough high-quality content pieces for our SEO activities that helped us improve the ranking and visibility of this website.


Number of website users 2K to 119K in 12 months

Ranked all the targeted keywords on the very 1st page of Google

Number of impressions – 0000

Number of backlinks from 000 to 000.

Website Keyword Ranking List :

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