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IT Staff Augmentation Services

Code Calibre comprehends it well that your technical requirements are distinguished as your business goals. We can facilitate you to fulfil your IT staff requirements in your team by offering certified business analysts, software developers, QA experts, and scrum specialists. With our support, you can enhance the progress of your projects and scale your business up with our supreme quality IT Staff Augmentation Services.

Our IT Staff Augmentation Services

DevOps Consulting Services

IT Outstaffing Consulting

As a recognised IT Outstaffing Consulting company, we offer consultation for hiring options. We can help you choose specific IT staff from our broad pool of highly skilled and experienced IT professionals. With our assistance, you will achieve your business goals faster at a lower cost.

DevOps Consulting Services

Staff Augmentation

Code Calibre holds expertise and has certified resources. Due to this, we can easily augment your IT department and help you get the expertise your business needs now. With our support, you will have your personalised development team and obtain your business goals fast.

DevOps Consulting Services

Short and Long term Team Augmentation

We hold more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry. This has enabled-us to offer Short-Term as well as Long-Term Team Augmentation services. These services will facilitate you to lower costs, have in-house IT staff onboarding, and get rid of skill gaps. You will get the right talents as per your exact needs.

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Remote Manage Services

We can be your true partner whether you need augmentation of your tech department or want to completely outsource your IT requirements. Our remote Managed Services cover industries like healthcare, banking/finance, insurance, and education. We help you stay focused on other operational needs of your business.

DevOps Consulting Services

Dedicated IT Specialists

Do you need IT experts for your specific project development requirements? At Code Calibre, we are ready to partner you with our team of highly experienced, dedicated, and skilled developers for software/mobile app development and DevOps. We hold sound expertise and are aware of the latest technical advancements.

DevOps Consulting Services

Vendor Transition

Are you scared of the challenges that you can face while switching one IT development vendor to another? We, at Code Calibre, ensure you a seamless and smooth Vendor Transition for your IT development needs with minimised disruptions and no compromise in project deadlines. There will be no compromise in service quality too.

Right Experts for Your In-House IT Development Team

For your in-house IT development team, you need several different experts. Our professionals with expertise in distinguished IT fields such as software and eCommerce can assist you to accelerate your project growth, improved efficiency, and hassle-free integration. Take your IT development capabilities to the next level with our support:

DevOps Consulting Services

DevOps Engineers

You can rely on us for streamlining your development and operational processes. Our DevOps engineers are skilled in tools like Jenkins, Slack, Git, and Docker. These engineers hold specialisation in constant integration, automation, and deployment. We assure you that your software development process will run smoothly from coding to production.

DevOps Consulting Services

eCommerce Developers

At Code Calibre, we are well aware of the potential of each business. So, we produce a highly dedicated team of eCommerce developers to support you to take your business to the next level in the online retail world. Our team of eCommerce developers will help you get responsive design, have seamless user experience, and secure transactions.

DevOps Consulting Services

Software Developers

Code Calibre has established itself as a renowned IT Staff Augmentation Service company. On your request, we will provide highly experienced and skilled software developers. These developers incorporate the latest technologies and focus on your scalability and stability. It will bring enhanced productivity in your business operations.

DevOps Consulting Services

Mobile App Developers

We know the importance of mobile apps well in the current world due to a constant rise in the number of mobile users. To assist you to cater your mobile app development demands, we will provide you with a dedicated team of highly skilled mobile app developers. These developers will support you at each stage, from the development of the maintenance of mobile apps for different industries, such as healthcare and fintech.

DevOps Consulting Services

Web Developers

At Code Calibre, we had a team of highly qualified, skilled and experienced web developers. These developers can easily handle your different web development projects. Our developers are skilled in trending technologies like Node.js, Angular, Django, React, and Vue.js. They will help you satisfy your clients beyond their expectations.

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UI/UX Developers

We help you bring your digital vision to life with our skilled UI/UX developers who specialise in mixing creativity with functionality. These developers help you get visually appealing and intuitive user interfaces that will ensure seamless user experience. Our developers are skilled in tools like InVision Studio, Sketch, and Adobe XD.
Apart from the above ones, we provide quality testers, AI & ML experts, and cloud experts on request of our valued clients like you. In simple words, we are your true partner for your IT Staff Augmentation needs.

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