Healthcare Software Development Company in India

Healthcare Software Development Company in India

Code Calibre is a renowned healthcare software development company in India. We have created a niche for ourselves by offering custom healthcare web development services and healthcare software development services. With our software or web development services, you will have improved remote care and patient outcomes. In addition, you can streamline your medical workflows. Empowered with advanced technologies like deep learning and ANNs (artificial neural networks) in accordance with HIPAA standards, we facilitate you to stand apart from your competitors.

Our Healthcare Software Development Services

We have been offering high-grade software development solutions to the healthcare industry for more than 15 years. This extensive industry experience has enabled us to hold specialisation in developing highly secure and safe medical software. Our software or web solutions will optimise your interactions among healthcare professionals, patients, medical device providers, pharmacists, and insurers. We build highly innovative and personalised web/software solutions for the evolution of the healthcare sector.

Custom Healthcare Software Development

Our personalised healthcare software development services help you automate your medical workflows and improve remote care. We hold knowledge, skills, and experience in developing custom software solutions that will ensure you that your healthcare practices are in accordance with technological advancements and changing patient needs.

AI-Powered EMR/EHR Application

At Code Calibre, we have set ourselves as a leading healthcare software development service provider. With AI integration, our EMR/EHR software solutions help you develop a system for optimising your patient data management. These solutions will minimise errors, improve patient care, and increase efficiency of your medical staff.

Custom mHealth Development

As a reputed mHealth app development company, we specialise in offering cross functional solutions to improve your medical practices. On your request, we can develop mhealth apps, fitness tracking apps, hospital management apps, telemedicine apps, and allied others to facilitate you to streamline your healthcare business.

Healthcare Claims Management Software

Our healthcare claims management software solutions help you optimise the claims process by lowering complexities and improving handling. With our respective solutions, we can assist you to optimise the workflows at your health insurance company and boost overall your business operations.

Home Health Software

As a leading healthcare software development company, Code Calibre offers advanced software services, such as shift optimisation, electronic visit verification, and home visit scheduling. Further, we offer our services for offline capabilities, medication management, and comprehensive care at reasonable charges.

AR Medical App Development

We have expertise in offering AR software solutions. These solutions are for advanced content broadcasting tools, intelligent medical imaging solutions, and reality exposure therapy apps. Our skilled developers offer solutions that exactly match your healthcare business management needs.

IoT Healthcare Software

Our IoT Healthcare Software solutions will empower you for your remote treatment and telemedicine business operations. These solutions will help you monitor your operations in real-time and deliver enhanced care for your remote patients. Our software engineers will streamline your patient treatment efficiency and operation management in your hospital.

Healthcare CRM

Rely on Code Calibre for your Healthcare CRM needs. Our Healthcare Customer Relationship Management development is aimed to build personalised solutions for efficient patient management and engagement. We ensure that you will have streamlined processes and improved relationships with patients with our data-driven insights and custom communication.

HIS & Practice Management Software

Willing to have efficient medical operations? You can rely on our HIS and Practice Management Software solutions. With our Practice Management Software and Healthcare Information Systems (HIS), you can enhance delivery of your healthcare services. These solutions assist you in scheduling staff, optimising tasks, and billing.

Pharmacy Management Solutions

Our Pharmacy Management Solutions will support you to revive your pharmacy business operations. These solutions optimise prescription processing, inventory management, and customer interactions. Enabled with robust reporting and automated refills, our solutions facilitate you to increase accuracy, efficiency, and service quality.

Medical Chatbots

Code Calibre can assist you in scheduling appointments, offering instant support, and producing requisite medical information to your patients with AI Integrated Medical Chatbots. Our medical chatbots will facilitate you to offer responsive and efficient healthcare experiences to your patients round-the-clock and optimise enquiries.

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