EdTech/Education & eLearning Software Development Services

EdTech/Education & eLearning Software Development Services

At Code Calibre, we offer innovative software solutions for Education & eLearning. We hold specialisation in offering sophisticated educational technology software, course management systems, eLearning portals, mLearning solutions. Due to our scalable solutions, unique approach, and intuitive design, we help you be different from others and stay ahead on the digital platforms.

Our EdTech Solutions and Services

We, Code Calibre, offer personalised software solutions for education and eLearning. In the development and implementation of our EdTech solutions, we use the latest technologies like IoT, AI, VR, and AR. We offer video streaming services, corporate training solutions, mobile educational apps, eLearning software, and allied others.

On-demand eLearning Software

We offer high-grade on-demand eLearning software solutions. Our skilled developers follow a client-centric approach to fulfil demands in class scheduling, audio/video learning, appointment management, and allied others. We help them with responsive design and higher performance software output.

LMS Development

We have a team of highly educated, skilled, and experienced LMS developers. Our LMS developers offer diversified EdTech software solutions with features like automatic grading, content library, attendance tracking, built-in course authoring, mobile learning, course management, and reporting & analytics.

School Management Systems

Code Calibre is a renowned name for specialisation in responsive and engaging school management software solutions. Our school software solutions have features like attendance tracking, seamless communication tools, scheduling, course registration, transcripts, academic results, and feedback to improve the educational experience.

eLearning Simulator Software

We offer cost-effective and sophisticated eLearning application development services. Our developers are skilled enough to offer feature-rich applications integrated with the latest technologies VR, AI, and AR. Our teaching solutions, video streaming apps, and educational gaming are engaging and responsive for both instructors and learners.

Professional Training Platforms

We offer varied professional training software solutions that include integration of personalised training programs and custom eLearning solutions with AI-based training modules. Our developers apply sophisticated technologies, such as AR and VR for offering engaging learning management systems/solutions.

Teaching Software Development

We are dedicated to facilitating your educational initiatives with our sophisticated teaching software solutions. Our developed teaching software solutions will improve the teaching and learning experience at your educational institute. Through our intuitive eLearning app development, we address the actual needs of educators and learners.

Educational Technology Consulting

Code Calibre offers EdTech consultation services that include tech stack evaluation, software strategy development, and planning. We align our strategic advisory with your particular education business needs and help you get better in your institutional management.

E2C Learning Apps

We have created a niche for offering web/mobile/software solutions for enterprise learning. Our team of certified and experienced developers is well aware of all included in eLearning software development. We follow a client-centric approach and utilise the latest technologies to develop user-friendly solutions.

Virtual Classroom

We offer personalised virtual classroom software solutions that will enable you to improve the efficiency of remote learning. The use of the latest technologies like AR, AI, and VR enables us to cater to modern education needs and promote a more effective and engaging virtual learning experience to students.

Gamification Software

At Code Calibre, we design and develop gaming solutions that enhance user interactions and make learning fun and enjoyable for students. We integrate AI, AR, IoT, VR, and allied technologies in developing gaming educational software solutions Our developed solutions enhance learning outcomes for your students/learners.

Learning Analytics Solutions

We apply smart learning analytics and data systems to develop eLearning software solutions. These solutions have features like learning progress, user activity dashboards, performance reporting, completion tracking, course activity, violation tracking, engagement, and more. We add allied features as per your exact needs to make solutions more useful for educators and learners.

Assessment and Evaluation

Our EdTech software solutions will help you revolutionise your education business. We ensure higher flexibility and convenience while evaluating your students’ skills and knowledge with our Assessment & Evaluation Software. These solutions include question library, custom made assessments, skill testing, test/quiz creation, feedback management, and allied other features.

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We are open to listen to you and resolve your queries about our Education and eLearning Solutions and help you get personalised solutions for your educational institute. As per your convenience, you can email/call us, or visit our office premises.