Didi Cakes

Didi Cakes

Didi Cakes is a Bath-based bakery shop. They offer online and offline cake shopping to their customers in Bath, Swindon, and Bristol. Whether it is a birthday or wedding anniversary, they offer an extensive array of Cakes. Some of their cakes are Cupcakes, Gluten Free Cakes, Vegan Cakes, Kids Cakes, Sponge Cakes, and Chocolate Cakes.

They had a minor customer base in their locality. Even making their bakery/cake shop online, they had around 100 visits on their website till December 2022. They wanted to improve their visibility on search engines and traffic to their shop website

TARGETED COUNTRY : UK with a focus on locations like Bath, Swindon, and Bristol

Our Objective:

Main SEO Optimization – We conducted an in-depth study of competitors, explored link-building opportunities, improved the website structure, and did keyword research. Further, we did a technical SEO audit, designed the home page again and optimized all meta titles and descriptions. And then, we updated the profile on Google My Business and registered the bakery shop for local directories.

Ecommerce section optimization –Our team set up ecommerce analytics. We created and optimized ecommerce pages and product cards.

Content creation and optimization – We found relevant topics, built a content strategy, and published high-quality content pieces all across relevant platforms on the internet.


Number of total clicks in 12 months – 22.9K

Ranked all the targeted keywords on the very 1st page of Google with 2nd and 3rd positions for 6 key phrases

Number of impressions – 2.05M

Number of website users – 53K, including 9.1K user retention

Website Keyword Ranking List :

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