Biker Loans

Biker Loans

Incepted in 2002, Biker Loans is a highly trusted bike finance company in the UK. They offer competitive and standard finance deals for scooters, motorcycles, classic bikes, Mopeds, quad bikes, and cars. In addition, they help their customers get rid of their past credit problems, rent/mortgage arrears, and council tax problems.

They had customers for bike and car finance in the area of their business physical presence. When we got in touch with them, they had no presence on search engines with minor traffic to their business website.


Our Objective:

Data-driven strategy – Through an in-depth study, we got the whole SEO picture of their website. We used our skills and platforms to collect varied data in terms of competitors, website traffic, content, etc.

Keyword research and expansion – We got some keywords from them. However, we did a thorough keyword research to find more suitable keywords. This helped us to make a comprehensive list of the most suitable service-related keywords/key phrases.

Content creation and optimization – Our team members gave importance to content in its all forms (texts, images, audio, and videos). We optimized the existing on-site content and created new ones for Off-Page SEO activities with a focus on the selected keywords.


Increased website visitors from 235 to 3000

Increased organic search from 0 to the very 1st page of search engines (Google) for maximum terms/keywords.

Improved backlinks from 000 to 799.

Website Keyword Ranking List :