Beach Riders Dubai

Beach Riders

Beach Riders Dubai is a leading marine water sports company. They offer unforgettable experiences to water sports lovers and serve well whether their customers look for yacht parties or luxury yacht charters. Their water sports services include Jelski, Jetcar, Parasailing, Speed Boat, Efoil, Fishing, Banana Ride, FlyFish, and Wakeboarding at different places in Dubai.

They had almost no visibility and traffic to their website on any search engines. At the time of the project handing over to us, they wanted to improve their visibility and draw huge traffic to their business website.


Our Objective:

Technical SEO Audit – Our respective team conducted an in-depth analysis of their website to find out issues with the website structures and content.

Keyword Research – We studied numerous similar websites and conducted sound keyword research. And we finalized a list of respective keywords.

Content optimization – Our team members optimized the content (text and images) laid on the whole website and every web page.

Local SEO – We created a geo-specific (city) SEO strategy to draw probable water sports enthusiasts/lovers.


Increased website visitors from 216 to 3500

Increased organic search from 0/8 the page to the very first page of search engines (Google) for maximum terms/keywords.

Improved backlinks from 000 to 4.5K.

Website Keyword Ranking List :